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E.L.L. Practice + Prompt | Chinese New Year is my student interactive for The New York Times Learning Network. Students watch a video, read a passage, choose the correct meanings for several words, and then respond to a writing prompt about their own new year traditions.

Many of the links in this “The Best…” list are also included in The Best Sites For Learning About New Year Celebrations.

I just thought it would be helpful to teachers and others to put all of the Chinese New Year ones in its own separate list, too.  It makes it a little more simple for my students when we have a lesson on the holiday. You can see a schedule of when the New Year begins in every year here.

You might also be interested in The Best Sites For Learning About China.

Here are my choices for The Best Resources For Chinese New Year:

The History Channel has an excellent site on the Chinese New Year.

Send a Chinese New Year’s eCard from American Greetings. You can post links to student-created cards on teacher/student webpages.

Chinese New Year Resources From Topmarks has a number of accessible materials available.

EL Civics has developed a Chinese New Year Lesson specifically for English Language Learners.

A New York Times slideshow on the Chinese New Year celebration.

ESL Holiday Lessons has an online lesson on the holiday designed for English Language Learners.

Chinese New Year is the simple title of a variety of listening exercises from ELLO.

The Great Race is an accessible talking story from the British Council.

The Orange County Register has a slideshow of an elementary school celebration of the Year of the Tiger.

Welcoming the Year of the Tiger is from the Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

Here’s a Chinese New Year game for English Language Learners.

Chinese New Year 2011 is from The Big Picture.

The Atlantic has some great pictures.

Lunar New Year 2012 is a Boston Globe slideshow.

Chinese Lunar New Year 2012 is a photo gallery from The Atlantic.

Here’s a New York Times video about the Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year Songs comes from Top Marks.

The Chinese New Year starts is a series of lesson plans from Read Write Think.

Chinese Year of Snake celebrations in Asia is an article with videos from The BBC.

Chinese New Year 2013: Spectacular Images of Celebrations of Snake Year from around the World [PHOTOS]
is from the International Business Times.

Chinese Lunar New Year 2013
is an Atlantic photo gallery.

Chinatown Revisited is from The New York Times.

How to Teach Chinese New Year is from The Guardian.


The Year of the Horse: Chinese New Year Celebrations Around the World is a slideshow from TIME.

Happy Chinese New Year 2014 is a slideshow from Atlantic.

In pictures: Chinese New Year around the world is from The BBC.

‘Still Turning Heads’ At Lunar New Year, An All-Female Lion Dance Troupe
is from NPR.

Chinese New Year Songs is from Top Marks.

Chinese New Year is a lesson for ELLs from the British Council.

Here’s a lesson on Festivals from the British Council.

Chinese New Year is celebrated for the 1st time in Glasgow are some fun photos from Getty Images.

Vietnamese Rice Cakes Mark Lunar New Year, Teach Traditions is from NBC News.

New Lunar New Year Stamp Draws Inspiration from ‘Pioneer in the Hawaii Design Industry’
is from NBC News.

Connecting Generations: At Lunar New Year Festival, Cultural Village Brings Together Young and Old
is from NBC News.

Getty Images has some nice photos of the Year of the Monkey.

A Colorful Look Behind Chinese New Year Celebrations is from Week.

Lunar New Year 2016: Facts, Dates, And Ancient Traditions is from The Huffington Post.

Chinese New Year traditions: a brief guide is from Vox.

New Year of the Rooster Stamp to Make Its Debut in Seattle Ceremony is from NBC News.

10 Lunar New Year Facts to Help Answer Your Pressing Questions is from NBC News.

Eight ways to celebrate Chinese New Year in your school is from The British Council.

Chinese Lunar New Year: Year of the Rooster is a photo gallery from Al Jazeera.



Why do we light firecrackers and give out red envelopes for the Lunar New Year? is from TED-Ed.

Year of the Pig Education Pack is from The British Council.


All you need to know about the year of the pig

Chinese Lunar New Year 2019 is a photo gallery from The Atlantic.

Chinese New Year 2019: a brief guide is from Vox.

Year of the Rat Education Pack is from The British Council.

3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Lunar New Year With Your Students is from Carnegie Learning.

The Year of the Rabbit: An illustrated guide to Lunar New Year is from CNN.

Luna New Year interactive

2 Billion People Celebrate Lunar New Year. Your Class Can, Too is from Ed Week.

What to know about Lunar New Year: The Year of the Dragon is from The Washington Post.

How Lunar New Year came to encompass different Asian cultures’ spring festivals is from NBC News.

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