Career Builder has created a web tool called Anonymous Tip Giver. I’m not too thrilled with its intent — to send anonymous suggestions to better via an audio message — but it can be adapted for use as an English language learning activity.

You first choose one of several strange-looking characters to deliver your message, and then can type in your message and choose the voice in which you want it spoken. You can also decide to record your own message with an 800 telephone number if you choose. Next, you can send it to the intended recipient anonymously, add your own name and email, or just get the url of your completed message to post on a student or teacher website/blog.

There are plenty of sites with easier and better speaking opportunities, or sites where students can use a text-to-speech feature, on various of my “The Best…” lists.  This site is just another option if you’ve got a few minutes to “kill” in the computer lab and want to have students do something a little different.