The History Channel has a very nicely-designed Citizenship Quiz that lets people try their hand at answering the 96 questions that the Immigration Service draws from for the U.S. Citizenship exam.

Actually, I should say that these are the questions they used draw from, since a new test was recently instituted and only includes some of these old questions.

However, for my purposes the test is still good. I’m using the History channel test site as a small part of the pre-and-post assessments in my two U.S. History classes this year. This is the project I’ve mentioned before where I’m teaching one class primarily using technology and the other the way I would ordinarily teach it (though I would say that was was very engaging). I’m using a variety of assessments to compare results from the two, including projects demonstrating higher-order thinking skills, self-assessments, and recall of facts.

I’ve placed a link to the test on my website under Citizenship.

Here’s another online civics quiz that’s considerably harder designed by  the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.