There are different media reports on the how the Senate compromise will affect education.

According to The New York Times, the proposed economic stimulus compromise in the U.S. Senate cuts $20 billion from the originally proposed amount for school construction and $1 billion from Head Start.

In addition, the Times says it cuts $40 billion from aid meant to help states deal with their budget deficits. Of course, that cut will have a big effect on schools since states will end-up cutting at least some of their education budgets to meet those gaps.

The Wall Street Journal, though, says that only $3.5 billion was cut from school construction, along with $98 million for school nutrition.

Politico seems to have the most complete list of reductions and, based on my previous experience with their site, I tend to think their numbers are the most accurate. They agree with the reduction in state aid totals, as well as the Head Start cut. They say, though, that the school construction reduction is $16 billion. Their numbers came from a Republican legislative aide.

The best news in all of this, it seems to me, is that none of the three say there will be reductions in the original total set for Title 1 schools.

Of course, now it goes to a conference committee of the House and the Senate, and who knows what’s going to happen there…