Kadoo is a new application that has the potential of joining both the The Best Social Bookmarking Applications For English Language Learners & Other Students and The Best Personal Home Page Creators.

However, it’s not there yet.

it’s supposed to allow you to add RSS feeds, bookmarks (including thumbnail images of the sites), and photos.  However, when I tried to save images from off the web they wouldn’t show-up as thumbnail images, and I couldn’t get any of the items I added to show-up on my “public” start page.

When I tried to seek help to see if I was doing anything wrong by going to the “support” section, I got a message saying the “support portal is disabled.”

As I said earlier in this post, however, I do think it has the potential of being a useful site for both teachers and English Language Learners alike and is worth a look.  It just looks like they might have gone “public” a little too early — before they worked out bugs in the application.