Though I live in California, Edublogs, the host of this blog and nearly 300,000 other education-related blogs, is based near where the terrible fires are occurring.

Since we teach a unit on Natural Disasters, a “The Best…” list will be useful for our students. James Farmer, the CEO of Edublogs, also is encouraging people to contribute to the Salvation Army to help the victims of the fires. The link in this post is to the international site, and you can earmark your donation to the Australia fires.

Here are my picks for The Best Sites To Learn About The Fires In Australia:

Wildfires In Australia is the title of a New York Times slideshow.

Wildfires Rage In Australia is a slideshow from MSNBC.

Victoria’s Bushfires is an audio slideshow from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Victoria’s Killer Fires is a slideshow from in Australia.

Reuters has a video clip titled Scores Die In Australia Fires.

Wildfires Ravage Australia is both a slideshow and video from The Wall Street Journal.

Raging Wildfires Blaze In Australia is a slideshow from The Washington Post.

The Sacramento Bee has a series of images on the fires.

Deadly Wildfires Devastate Australia comes from TIME Magazine.

You can listen to this article about the fires in the International Herald Tribune by clicking on “Listen to Article.”

Here’s a video report from The New York Times.

Bushfires In Victoria, Australia comes from The Big Picture.

Our Darkest Day is a slideshow, video, and map from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Bushfires are a series of videos from in Australia.

Australians Return To Homes Devastated By Fires is a slideshow from The Washington Post.

Breaking News English has an online lesson — with audio support for the text — titled Australians Give Blood For Bushfire Victims.

A slideshow from TIME Magazine titled Australia Rescues Its Koalas looks engaging and informative.

Smithsonian has a nice video.

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