I wrote a post a couple of days ago lamenting the fact that Alta Books has recently decided to stop carrying materials they don’t actually publish. For years, they have been the place to go to find and purchase ESL/EFL materials.  Of course, they still have great books that I love and use.

I put out a call for suggestions of alternatives, both on this blog and on various listservs.

It seems pretty clear to me that there are indeed two viable alternatives.

One is Delta Publishing Company, which seems to have almost as much of a selection as Alta did in the past. Delta was recommended by several people in the ESL/EFL community.

Just ordering from Amazon was the other primary recommendation. And, for that, there’s nothing better than the EFL Classroom 2.0 Bookstore. One nice benefit of using this service is that the books listed there are actually recommended by ESL/EFL teachers, and you’re not buying them “cold.”

In addition to posting this as its own separate “The Best…” list, I’m going to add this information to The Best Resource Sites For ESL/EFL Teachers and The Best Books For Teaching & Learning ESL/EFL.

As always, feedback is welcome.

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