Here are some more additions to The Best Sites To Learn About Valentine’s Day:

Green Love By Numbers is a British-oriented interactive from the Guardian newspaper. It has excellent information about the effect of Valentine’s Day activities on the environment. However, all the figures are in UK money and metric units, which might not make sense to ELL’s in the United States.

The BBC has a “catch the falling letters game” where you have to unscramble Valentine’s Day related words before the letters hit the ground.

The BBC also has a small collection of Valentine’s Day E-Cards that can be created, sent and then posted. It also has a fun Interactive Matchmaker where people can match their Chinese and Zodiac horoscopes to see if they’re compatible. There’s reading required, and my students love these kinds of things.

Students can send an Outshouts Singing Valentine’s Day video without having to register for the site. Just search for a video song, record an introductory message with the computer mike, and email it and post its url address on a teacher or student blog/website. However, it’s possible that some songs/videos with inappropriate classroom content might be accessible, so close supervision will be required.

Love Around The World is a great slideshow from MSNBC showing examples of…love around the world.

The Wall Street Journal has a video news report about a lonely penguin in the London Zoo — the only one without a partner — and all the Valentine’s Day cards she is receiving.