There are a ton of resources for online slideshows about current events, most of which are listed on my website under Multimedia Resources From News Outlets.

There are many online news video resources, including many on different sections of these same links. However, most don’t have closed-captioning, and the English that’s spoken is very fast — usually too fast for English Language Learners. Also, many school districts, like mine, block streaming media, so the videos aren’t even accessible at our school sites.

Slideshows, on the other, work much better — the captions are usually short, and the user can control the speed of the show.

I thought I’d create another “The Best…” list and highlight a few of what I think are the best sites in this category. I’ve also tried to include sites from around the world. It’s always interesting for my students to see how the same news event is covered in different countries.

I’m not going to rank them in any order of preference and nor am I going to describe each one. They’re all very similar, and the links will take you directly to the section of the website where slideshows are located.

Here are my picks for The Best Online Slideshows About Current Events (by the way, you might also be interested in The Best News/Current Events Websites For English Language Learners, too):


* TIME Magazine

* The New York Times

* The Washington Post

* Reuters

* Associated Press

* The Times Of London

* Mail and Guardian (South Africa)

* China Daily

* Times Of India

* Pixcetra

* The Big Picture


* Sidney Morning Herald

* We Say (You might want to read my post about this site before you use it with students)

* The Wall Street Journal

* CBC News (thanks to Nathan Hall for the tip)

The newest addition to this list is the LIFE site sharing millions of photos from the LIFE Magazine archives and Getty Images.

What’s great about this new site is that, unlike Google’s previous hosting of many of the same photos (which are just listed by decades), LIFE’s site shows them in thematic slideshows with accessible captions. Plus, they include daily updates of slideshows about current events.  You can also subscribe to a weekly email newsletter that gives you updates on new content.Both the historical and current slideshows are fabulous.

As always, feedback is welcome.

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