Viewista is the latest in an almost “blizzard” of tools to come online that allow you to create one shortened url address for a group of websites — with the unusual twist of having that one address actually show images of each of the included sites and not just text. As with the others (which include MinMu, Sqworl, and ShareTabs) no registration is required.

One neat feature of Viewista is that it allows various options on how to view the multiple sites, including vertically and through a slideshow mode.  One drawback is that it doesn’t let you leave any kind of tag, or comments, next to each one.  I’ve sent them an email asking if they might add that feature in the future.

I’ve written about how these kinds of applications can be useful for English Language Learners in creating Internet Scavenger Hunts, for student Social Bookmarking and, of course, for url “shortening.”  You can read more at the “The Best…” posts listed below.

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