I’ve been able to raise some funds to purchase some digital cameras and camcorders for my classes, and have been trying to figure out which ones would work best.

I’d be very interested in hearing people’s suggestions. For example, I expect I’ll be buying some Flip Video Camcorders, but am unclear which model I should get.

In addition to Amazon, I’ve been exploring some sites designed to help consumers make these kinds of decisions. TechCrunch just wrote about two of them.

Best In Class right now only rates digital cameras, but plans to expand to other products. It has a neat interface that asks you questions to help refine your search. It’s like an expanded version of last years Pogue-O-Matic Product Finder from The New York Times.

TestFreaks is the other site they mentioned.

What are other sites you might suggest that I include in a future “The Best…” list (in addition to wanting to hear about specific products you think I should buy)?