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When I originally wrote The Best Websites For Students Exploring Jobs and Careers, there were quite a few free resume-writing sites out there that had a lot of scaffolding to help people write resumes, but only one gave you the option to print it out so it looked nice on paper.

Apparently, over the past year most of these sites figured out that in order to get a job, most people were going to need a hard copy of their resume and not just a virtual one online.  So, happily, there’s more of a choice out there, and all of them seem pretty equally accessible to English Language Learners.

In fact, there are enough of them to warrant their own “The Best…” list. Thanks to a recent Mashable post, I was able to learn about more of them.

Here are my picks for The Best Places For Students To Write Their Resumes (not in any order of preference):

Actually, my favorite is now Read Write Think’s Resume Generator

How To Write A Resume also lets students create their resumes.  It’s free, very “scaffolded,” and provides multiple ways to download and print a hard copy.

Resume Companion looks like a very easy, and scaffolded, tool to create a resume.

Resunate is an easy online tool to create a resume.

Resumonk lets you easily create resumes. It’s one of the easiest tools out there that I’ve seen — students can quickly make a PDF.

CVS Intellect HipCV is a new resume-builder site that, importantly, lets you download your resume as a PDF. It provides a pretty straightforward guide to adding information to a resume, which is important for students.

Though I’m not sure the world needs yet one more online resume-builder, Resume-Now is a new decent site that provides a lot of step-by-step guidance and lets you download the finished product.

Resume Genius

Standard Resume lets users easily create…resumes.



Resume is another decent online resume site. You can create one for free.

Resumemaker seems like a pretty easy tool where students can…make their resumes.

Cake Resume is a decent site where students can create their resume.

SwiftCV is a new online resume tool.

FlowCV is another online resume builder.

Make CV For Free is a new resume-creation tool.


I’d still encourage readers to check-out The Best Websites For Students Exploring Jobs and Careers because it has several other excellent resources related to job-hunting and exploring careers.

Redefinio lets you create resumes.

Easy Resume is yet another tool for creating your resume online.

Applyya is yet another easy resume-creating site.

Flowcv is yet another online tool for creating resumes.

Rezi is another online resume generator.

Resume Compass

Resoume is yet another tool for creating resumes.

Resume Cats

Resumemaker seems like a pretty easy way for students to create resumes – it seems well-scaffolded.

CakeResume is another easy online tool for creating resumes.

it looks like Read Write Think has modified their wonderful interactives for a post-Flash world, including their great resume generator. 

As always, feedback is welcome.

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