After Hmong and Latinos, Pacific Islanders are probably the next largest group of English Language Learners at our school. The massive volcanic explosion and earthquake off the coast of Tonga is obviously of interest to them, and I took a few minutes to make a “The Best…” list about it.

Here are my choices for The Best Sites To Learn About The Tongan Earthquake:

Underwater Volcano Blows Near Tonga is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.

Underwater Eruptions Near Tonga is the title of a series of images at the Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

The CBBC Newround has a very accessible short article about the eruption.

Here’s a video of the eruption from MSNBC.

Ring Of Fire Volcano Blows is a short video report from Reuters.

Undersea Volcano Erupts is a video report from The Associated Press.

Tongan Inspection Team Heads to Undersea Volcano is the title of an article from International Herald Tribune. If you click on “Listen to Article” the site will provide audio support for the text.

CBS has a “Photo Essay” on the eruption.

Volcanoes Blow Their Tops is a slideshow from ABC News.

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