Umibozu is a new search engine that is still working out “kinks,” but might very well have potential as a good search engine for English Language Learners.

You can choose to see the results in various formats. I particularly liked the one that showed thumbnail sketches and text descriptions of the results from three search engines (Google, Yahoo, & Live Search) in a matrix. Not only does the visual image help, but the ability to see which sites that are highly-rated by each engine could be a further help to determine which ones are best.

In addition, once you register (which is very easy to do), Umibozu allows you to bookmark your sites with a simple click. However, you can’t tag them or put them in groups yet, though I have emailed that suggestion (they responded and said it’s on their “to do” list). They are, however, automatically tagged by the key words you use to search for them.

Finally, users can also vote for sites they like, and you can choose to see those results, too.

Even with its present limitations, I’m going to add Umibozu to The Best Search Engines For ESL/EFL Learners — 2008.

Thanks to Alt Search Engines for the tip.