As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve been able to raise some funds to purchase some digital cameras and camcorders for my classes, and have been trying to figure out which ones would work best.  In addition to talking with people individually,  I’ve been exploring different sites to determine which ones might be particularly helpful.

Based on my search, here my picks for The Best Sites For Learning About Which Consumer Electronics To Buy:

Number four is Amazon. The reviews are great, but I don’t think it’s particularly helpful in narrowing down a search. However, and maybe it’s just because of habit, I still feel most comfortable buying through them. So I’d use the other tools on this list to determine which devices I’d want to get, and then purchase it through Amazon.

Number three is alaTest. It’s similar to Test Freaks in that it gives each product a “score” (they call it an “ala Score”). The reviews themselves are very accessible.

Number two is Wize. I like its interface, which asks you what you are looking for and for what purpose, and gives you choices to pick as answers.

Number one (with an asterisk) is Best In Class. It has an asterisk because right now it only rates digital cameras, but plans to expand to other products. It has a neat interface that asks you questions to help refine your search. It’s like an expanded version of last year’s Pogue-O-Matic Product Finder from The New York Times.

Fixya is the newest addition to this list.  Instead of reinventing the wheel by explaining the site, I’d just recommend you read a TechCrunch post about it.

Measy “helps you find the perfect gadget.” It’s the newest addition here. It looks pretty neat. You can read more about the site at this TechCrunch post.

iScoper is a site that asks you a series of questions before they make some recommendations and is worth a look.

As always, feedback and additional suggestions are welcome.

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