A future “The Best…” list is going to be titled “The Best Sources For Ideas On How To Use Technology With English Language Learners,” and I’m looking for suggestions.

I’m primarily interested in simple, very accessible and well-organized resources that can provide teachers with a wide variety of ideas on how to effectively used technology with English Language Learners.

For example, here are some resources that I think meet that criteria:

A video from Nik Peachey called Web 2.0 For EFL/ESL Teachers.

A good slideshow presentation titled Using Web Logs In The EFL Class. It’s from an English teacher in Greece, Christina Markoulaki,

Ana Maria Menezes has used the web tool Flowgram  to create a great presentation entitled Web Tools To Develop Projects With Language Students.

Language Learning And Web 2.0, a video by Graham Stanley.

The “The Best…” lists I’ve compiled and some articles that I’ve written.

Please leave additional suggestions in the comments section, and don’t be shy about contributing links to your own work.  Even if it doesn’t make “my” list, I’ll still include links to all recommendations and credit those who made the recommendations.

Please send in ideas prior to April 7th.