In The Best Ways For Students To Create Online Videos (Using Someone Else’s Content), I shared very simple ways English Language Learners could “mashup” video clips created by others and make their own.  Those could then be posted on a teacher website or student blog.  In addition to the language-development benefit in creating a cohesive video sequence, most required the use of titles and the inclusion of some dialogue.

I’m adding three more video mashup tools that all use a very easy editing system, and none require registration.

All three use the video editing system developed by Gorilla Spot, which I posted about last year.

I’ll probably also be adding these three applications to a future edition of  The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly.

Here are the three:

Make a video clip using the Huri Humi’s, who, I guess (I’ve never heard of them before) are some sort of TV cartoon characters.

Make one with highlights from this year’s NCAA College Basketball Tournament. This is from CBS Sports.

You can create some scenes from the TV program “Everything’s Sunny In Philadelphia,” which I’ve never watched, but which I’ve heard has gotten good reviews.