(The Times originally had an incorrect link on their multimedia page for this interactive.  I’ve corrected the link)

How Do You Feel About The Economy? is a great interactive graphic — especially for English Language Learners — from The New York Times…if it was working properly.

They just posted it late Tuesday night, and it doesn’t seem to be doing what it’s supposed to (either that, or I’m completely off-base on its purpose). You’re supposed to be able to enter a word that indicates how you’re filling, and you’re given many choices. It’s a good opportunity for vocabulary development.  As I’m writing this, it just shows a very small box with a bunch of moving words with a “Choose Your Word” indicator that’s useless.

Once it’s fixed I’ll add it to The Best Sites To Learn About The Recession.  I’m assuming that should happen pretty quickly, probably by the time you read this post.

Or, as I mentioned, my mind is the thing that isn’t working properly and I’m just missing the point.