Mindopia is the newest addition to The Best Websites For Students Exploring Jobs and Careers.

After clicking on a career you might be interested in, you’re led to a page of simple interviews with people working in that profession, along with other resources (including salary projections).

I particularly like that the videos are divided into separate sections answering specific questions, which makes it a lot easier for English Language Learners to follow.  In addition to that, you can see the transcript of the interview right below the video.  Ordinarily, I don’t think video transcripts are that helpful to ELL’s who also need the visual clues being shown — it’s hard to look at both (which is why closed captioning is so much better).  However, these interviews are just “talking heads,” so students really don’t need to watch the videos and, instead, can just listen to the audio as they follow along on the transcript.

The site is just beginning, so it doesn’t have a huge list of careers, but they promise to be adding more.