It’s sure been an interesting first 36 hours at Twitter.  I appreciate all the welcomes, and the helpful advice.

Based on some suggestions from Twitterers and my Twitter gurus — Sue Waters and Alice Mercer — I’m going to try-out a few things.

One, though it still doesn’t make sense to me to “tweet” about every one of my blog posts, I will start letting Twitterers know when I’ve posted a “The Best…” list.

Two, I’m going to put what I guess is called a “hashtag” in each of my resource-sharing “tweets.” These will mirror the categories I have in my blog, and will each be prefaced with “esl”. For example, “#eslbest,” “eslscience,” “eslsocialstudies.” If you then feel like sharing any resources back to me, feel free to use, or not use, a similar tag.