Post Rank rates blog posts by an “engagement” index, and many blogs (including this one) have added their widget that highlights their most popular posts.

Post Rank has just modified their website to let you, among other things, identify not only the most popular posts by topic and by blog, but also the most popular blogs in any particular topic area. Of course, they are using their own criteria to determine popularity and what they identify as “education”, so you have to take their lists with a grain of salt. They change their ratings weekly.

Here’s a partial listing of what they’ve identified as the most popular education blogs (you can see the entire list here):

1. Science Blogs

2. Live Science

3. Free Technology For Teachers (by the way, there’s an effort underway to help Richard Byrne, the author of this blog, to attend the NEEC Conference.  I’ve already contributed, and would encourage others to do the same.)

4. This blog

5. Joanne Jacobs

I still have a little more confidence in Scott McLeod’s annual list of the top 50 Education Blogs, but, nevertheless, Post Rank looks like it will be a continuing good way to learn about new blogs in education and in any arena.

I’m adding it to The Bests Places To Find Good Education Blogs.

Mashable has a good post explaining more about Post Rank’s new features.

Also, coincidentally, today another good list of blogs was published — focusing on 20 top edtech blogs. that, too, is worth a look.