I’m going to teach Beginning English Language Learners during the summer, and I’ve been trying to figure out which of the tools I have listed on Part Two Of The Best Sites For Students To Easily Create & Display Online Projects list would be the most simple for them to display their work — urls or embeds from Part Thirty-Three Of The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly and its previous editions, copy and pasting images and writing about them, etc.

I had seen Note Pub before, but ignored it because it required downloading an application to upload photos. But a post in Technology Tidbits prompted me to take another look.

I liked what I found after spending a little more time on the site.

It’s extremely easy to register and, it’s very easy to write text. Plus, like Posterous, you can just copy and past images off the web. But it seems even easier than Posterous. Of course, it won’t look as pretty and it’s not really in a blog format. But I think if you’re working with students who have very little technology experience, and you just want them to have an easy place where they can paste their work (and where other students can view it, too, after the links to all student sites are posted on a teacher page), Note Pub might just be the web application to use. Obviously, they won’t be able to post comments, but that can all happen orally.

I’m going to experiment with it a bit further, and I am going to add it to The Best list I mentioned at the beginning of this post.