Pictures offer countless learning opportunities for English Language Learners (and mainstream students). Writing descriptions, using the Picture Word Induction Model, etc. They’re great in Geography to give students a sense of different places, and questions can be asked about them to provoke higher-order thinking.

I think panoramas are even more engaging, and have posted links to a number of good sites for panoramic images on my Geography page. I’ve decided to highlight a few them in this latest “The Best…” list.

You might also be interested in The Best Online Applications For Creating Panoramas.

Here are my picks (not in any order of preference) for The Best Sites For Panoramas:

Panoramas DK

The Worldwide Panorama Map (this site appeared to be down when I updated this post. I don’t know if it permanently or temporarily off-line)




Big Eye In The Sky

Virtual Parks

360 Cities (you can embed any of their panoramas on your own site)

Panoramic Earth


Pano Google is a search engine specifically for panoramic images on the Web.

Tours From Above is a new site hosting spectacular aerial panoramic images from around the world.

CyArk is laser-mapping and producing incredible panoramas of five hundred key World Heritage sites. They have a good start, and plan on completing the project by 2013.

“1001 Wonders” is an amazing site sharing panoramic photos from United Nations’ World Heritage Sites around the world.

Here’s Another “Wow!” Site From Google — The “World Wonders Project”

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