This post has little to do with teaching in schools, but I’m so amazed by what I just read in The New York Times — Community Organizing Never Looked So Good — I just had to post about it.

As most readers know, I spent nineteen years as a community organizer prior to becoming a public school teacher five years go. During those nineteen years, apart from the people with whom I directly worked, few people had a clue about what a community organizer did.

Obviously, the campaign (and Sarah Palin’s and Rudy Giuliani’s direct attacks on community organizing at the Republican National Convention) and subsequent election of Barack Obama, a former community organizer, has had a lot to do with people becoming more familiar with the profession.

The Times article discusses how more and more people are wanting to becoming organizers, which is great for them and great for our communities.

My one question about the article, though, is why in the world would they feature it in the fashion section?