Doodle Wall is a new web tool that lets you easily…doodle. You can draw on your own and keep it completely private, or provide the password to others to draw collaboratively. It also has a chat feature.

It worked pretty easily for me, though once I saved the picture and went back to see it, it kept on moving around when I moved my mouse. I’m sure there’s an easy solution to this, though.

I’m adding the site to both The Best Art Websites For Learning English and he Best Online Tools For Collaboration — NOT In Real Time. If I had time to try out more of its capabilities, I might add it to The Best Online Tools For Real-Time Collaboration, but I just haven’t had time yet.

Like some other drawing tools on the first list, it could be used to demonstrate the use of the visualizing reading strategy. And like other tools on the second list, students could work with students in sister classes to draw a collaborative art project and write about it.