Verifiable is a site where you can use data already contained on the website (or upload your own), choose the visual form in which you want the data explained, and then create a visual representation (which then has its own url which can be posted).

It’s impressive though, in terms of accessibility for Beginning and Intermediate English Language Learners, The New York Times Visualization Lab works better. Though you can’t upload your own data there — just use the Times’ info — that’s not a problem for how I use it with ELL’s. Not having that option, I think, also helps to make it easier.

What is most impressive to me about the Verifiable site is the lengths the go to make it accessible to the “layperson.” If you are an advanced ELL or native-English speaker, Verifiable has created an innovated system to guide you through the process. It would be great if other Web 2.0 tools used a similar process. Even if you have no interest in data visualization, I’d recommend you try it out just to see their “help” process.

Thanks to Information Aesthetics for the tip.