The first part of this post is my usual introduction to this series.  If you’re familiar with it already, just skip down to the listing of new sites…

Here’s the latest installment in my series on The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly.  As you may remember, in order to make it on this list, the web tool has to:

* be easily accessible to English Language Learners and/or non-tech savvy computer users.

* allow people to create engaging content within minutes.

* host the user’s creation on the site itself indefinitely, and allow a direct link to be able to be posted on a student or teacher’s website/blog to it (or let it be embedded).  If it just provides the url address of the student creation, you can either just post the address or use , a free web tool that makes pretty much any url address embeddable.

* provide some language-learning opportunity.

* not require any registration.

You can find previous installments of this series with the rest of my “The Best…” lists at Websites Of The Year.  Several hundred sites have been highlighted in these past lists.   You might also want to take a look at the first list I posted in this series — The Best Ways For Students (And Anyone Else!) To Create Online Content Easily, Quickly, and Painlessly.

Here are my latest picks:

DESIGN A WEIRD BACKYARD: Create a decorative backyard, write a message using the text-to-speech feature, and post the link to your Eddiegram on website or send it to a friend.

SEND A PIRATE ECARD: Write an E-Card from The Field Museums Real Pirates exhibit and post it on a site.

BECOME A TALKING STAR TREK CHARACTER: Using the text-to-speech feature, choose a Star Trek character and have him/her speak, then post it on a student/teacher website.

CREATE A TALKING FACE: I’ve posted about PhotoFace before, but they’ve just added the ability to record audio. You can upload your own photo or choose from a variety on PhotoFace. Then, you can “age” it, make the person heavier or lighter, make a number of other edits,and then make it talk. Once you’re done you can email the link to a friend or teacher for inclusion in an online journal or blog.

MAKE YOUR OWN AVATAR: You can use Doppel Me to create your own avatar (or virtual you), which can then be embedded on a blog or website.

CREATE SOME VIDEO ‘MASHUPS”: Here are three ways students can mashup existing online video footage to create their own and post it for others to see:

Make a video clip using the Huri Humi’s, who, I guess (I’ve never heard of them before) are some sort of TV cartoon characters.

Make one with highlights from this year’s NCAA College Basketball Tournament. This is from CBS Sports.

You can create some scenes from the TV program “Everything’s Sunny In Philadelphia,” which I’ve never watched, but which I’ve heard has gotten good reviews.

As always, feedback is welcome.

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