I included PhotoFace in Part Thirty-Four Of The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly and described it like this:

CREATE A TALKING FACE: I’ve posted about PhotoFace before, but they’ve just added the ability to record audio. You can upload your own photo or choose from a variety on PhotoFace. Then, you can “age” it, make the person heavier or lighter, make a number of other edits,and then make it talk. Once you’re done you can email the link to a friend or teacher for inclusion in an online journal or blog.

A day after I posted about it, they created a new version called PhotoFace Demo V2.

It’s added:

  • facial art,
  • taking on a celebrity appearance in one click
  • race and gender sliders
  • hair options
  • online face search and webcam
  • and more

Great for English Language Learners!