After I published yesterday’s post titled Testing Time, I received several requests for the test-taking strategies I share with my students.

First, of course, I ask them to share what they think works for them. These are the ones I make sure we cover — even if they don’t suggest them (please share additional suggestions in the comments section):

Test-taking Tips

Ø Read each question carefully and more than once

Ø Read the questions before you read the longer text

Ø Underline important words in the text as you read

Ø Do easy questions first

Ø Skip the hard questions and come back to them later (put a mark in your test booklet next to the ones you skip)

Ø Eliminate wrong answers and make your best guess

Ø Trust yourself, your first guess is usually the best

Ø If you do want to change an answer, be sure to erase the first one completely

Ø Use your reading strategies-you’ve been practicing them all year!