lets you, without registering, quickly upload any document and turn it into a webpage.

We start state testing tomorrow. However, only the eleventh-graders in my U.S. History class have to take it, and half of the class are in other grades. My student teacher is going to take them to the library, and the original plan was to have them do some U.S. History work on the computer. I’m now thinking that they might be more interested in creating bilingual flyers in English and whatever is their native language sharing precautions to take to avoid the swine flu. Then, they can make hard copies of them for their families and other students AND easily upload them to the Web for others to use. If it works out well, I’d have my Intermediate English class do the same later in the week.

I could see this site coming in very handy for these kinds of simple projects requiring hard and online copies.

It’ll be an interesting experiment.