I posted yesterday about a few student-created multilingual resources on swine flu.

Today, we had more time to to spend on them, and I think they look pretty good. They’re simple, and share a few tips on preventative measures people can take. Students made copies to distribute to their family and friends.  My assumption is that people are more likely to want to read something created by those with whom they have a relationship.

Here they are:

Hmong/English by Hlee

Hmong/English by Tong

Hmong/English by Tae

English/Hmong by Ying

English/Hmong by Joua

English/Hmong by Pov yaj

English/Hmong by Pao

English/Hmong by Zang

Hmong/English by Kia

Hmong/English by Steve

Hmong/English by Mai Yia

Spanish/English by Daniel

English by Richard

English by Myriam

Spanish by Ericka