I’m sometimes asked where I learn about all the online resources I post about here, and thought a partial answer to that question might make a good “The Best…” list.

One very important part of the answer can be found in a previous list I wrote — The Best Blogs For Sharing Resources/Links — 2007. Even though it was originally written last year, I have continued to add blogs (and other resources) to it, and would encourage you to subscribe to all of the ones on that list.

In addition, I use the sites listed at The Best Places To Get Blog, Website, , Book, Movie, & Music Recommendations.

And I regularly check the sites on The Best Collections Of Educational Links list.

Today, I’ll be sharing additional websites that aren’t blogs (and, in many cases, don’t have an RSS feed). They are generally sites that post about new online resources regularly. I typically check each of these sites about once each week.

One of my future “The Best…” lists will share where I learn about many of the Web 2.0 tools I post about, which are usually not through channels that focus on educational resources.

Here are my picks for The Best Places To Find New Educational Websites (not in any order of preference):

Teachers First Featured Sites publishes a weekly update on new resources they add to an incredible collection of of educational sites. You can sign-up for a weekly email newsletter.

Tech Learning Site Of The Day shares a new webpick each day, along with tons of other educational technology resources. It has an excellent archive of previous picks, too.

Librarians’ Internet Index issues a weekly report on new and noteworthy sites that you can get via email or by RSS feed.

4 Kids publishes a weekly newsletter highlighting several websites for young people. I haven’t figured out any other way to get it other than checking their site, but I might be missing something.

The Internet TESL Journal’s Recently Submitted Links is just one of a zillion resources for English Language Learners that can be found on this site. New links are posted daily (though they periodically stop it when they get spammed a lot — which is the situation now).

Scholastic’s Online Activities and Interactive Learning doesn’t appear to necessarily highlight all their new links (though Scholastic does have a What’s New blog),  but each month I usually find some new additions to their rich collection of online features.

BBC Learning has a newsletter you can subscribe to for finding out about their new online activities.

Show Me highlights the newest and best online interactives (designed for students) from museums in the United Kingdom.

Ten Cool Sites regularly — more or less — provides recommendations from the fabulous Exploratorium Museum.

Chris Smith does an incredible job with Shambles, which is a support site for international schools and has a huge link collection.

You can sign-up for a free weekly PBS Teachers Newsletter that will provide links to new online resources.

The British Council has great resources for both young people and adults who are learning English. You can subscribe to a monthly newsletter announcing new resources.

Of course, National Geographic is a source of great online resources. They have lots of online newsletters sharing updated materials.

Classroom Tools and Tips from Eduhound is one more good place to find sites. They also send out a free monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to here.

Common Sense Media highlights family friendly resources, including websites. You can subscribe to their weekly update here.

The Schoolzone Webguide provides links, and reviews, of thousands of free websites.

Little Clickers is a monthly compilation of sites on a specific topic.

I’ve written a lot about Ressources pour le College. It’s a constantly updated website that provides resources for English Language Learners.  I can’t say enough positive comments about this site.

Feel free to contribute additional suggestions.

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