I’m planning on writing a new “What Do You Do?” post — in addition to the upcoming  What Do You Do When You Have A Few Minutes Left In Class?

I thought another topic might also be very timely — What Do You Do On The Last Day Of Class?

Unlike the other topics in this series, though, I don’t really have anything particularly insightful to contribute.   I usually have shown a movie and had students relax — maybe have a bit of a low-key party.  And I might have students help me pack-up some things and clean the room.

However, I not entirely happy with using the time that way.

How about you?  Please share your ideas in the comments section.  Since the last day of class is coming-up soon, I’m putting in a deadline of May 15th for contributions.  Please include how you’d like me to describe you.

Also, feel free to suggest other topics for this monthly series.