Last week, Richard Byrne at Free Technology For Teachers wrote an excellent post called “Five Week In Review News Summaries.” I’d encourage people to visit his post, though I suspect that many, if not most, readers of this blog already subscribe to his.  In fact, according to how PostRank ranks the popularity of blogs (which, of course, is just one of many ways to do so), Richard’s blog is the number one education blog (this blog is ranked second).

It gave me the idea that a similar list of News In Review sites that would specifically be accessible to English Language Learners would make a good companion to The Best news/current events websites for English Language Learners and to The Best Visually Engaging News Sites.

Most of the sites on this list are similar to each other in format — they show slideshows of key images from the previous week and have short captions. I have noted, though, a couple of exceptions that provide audio or video.

Here are my picks for The Best “Week In Review” Sites For English Language Learners:

MSNBC The Week In Pictures

TIME Pictures of the Week

UPI Week In Photos

Pixcetra Pictures of The Week

The Telegraph Week In Pictures


Voice of America Special English has weekly “webcast” videos.

The Guardian doesn’t have a weekly show, but it does have “24 Hours In Pictures.” The daily slideshows are fairly short, so a week’s worth of images is reasonable to review.

The Los Angeles Times has a photo “The Week In Pictures” feature.

 Suggestions and feedback, as always, are welcome.

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