Many art museum websites offer users the ability to choose favorites from their online exhibitions and create an online exhibition. The best also let you write captions and describe these individualized collections, and then allow you to post the link on a website or blog.

This kind of activity provides lots of language-development opportunities for all levels of English Language Learners. so I thought it would be a good topic for a “The Best…” list.

Of course, students can also create collections of art work they’ve have created online. You can find those sites at The Best Art Websites For Learning English.

Here are my picks of The Best Ways For Students To Create Their own Online Art Collections:

The Google Arts and Culture puts some of the most important art museums, and their collections, online with amazing features, including being able to create your own art collection.  You can save them as a “favorites.”  Here’s another way to do it.

The Smithsonian Learning Lab lets you create your own collections from the gazillions of objects in the Smithsonian.

The Johnson Museum of Art lets you do the same.

Curate a Street View Art Gallery is from Google Maps Mania.


Digital Curator lets you search a zillion pieces of part by theme, subject or object, and then create a collection of them. For example, search “dog” and you’ll get a bunch of paintings with a dog in them.

The MIT Museum lets you create a “My Collection.”

A Dutch museum lets you create your own online collection of Vermeer paintings.

Europeana is an online collection of items from many European museums, and lets you choose from them to create your own online collection.

Sun Explorer is a tool to…explore Harvard Art Museum.

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