Aardvark’s English Forum is one of the many websites out there with grammar and vocabulary exercises for English Language Learners. I’ve had a link on my website to it for several years.

I’m writing a post about it here, though, because it has a number of exercises that offer a slightly unique twist that some students might like. When they take some of the interactive tests, like this one on animals, there’s a place for them to type their name in. Then, after it’s completed and had the computer check their answers, they can print out the sheet — with their name on it — and keep it for future study.

Yeah, I know, it’s not that big of a deal to be able to type a name on the sheet. However, having it printed out with their name on it and then being able to show their teacher and parents can indeed be a benefit to some students. It might seem a bit more “legitimate” than just writing their name on it.