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The Best Collections Of Online Educational Games


There are tons of online educational games out there, and many, many collections of them, too.  However, I’ve found that most of these collections also include quite a few non-learning games — arcade type or shoot-em-ups that have no redeeming value (at least, that I can see).

That’s not a problem for me most of the time — usually, when I have students play online games I’m pretty specific about which ones I want them to play.

However, there are infrequent times (very , very infrequently) — students are done early with a state standardized test; it’s late on a Friday after a hard week and both they and I are pretty burned-out; or when our school’s schedule is all crazy because everybody in one grade is taking the H.S.  Exit exam and everybody else is in different classes — when I just want to give students the opportunity to play some learning games and not be concerned they’ll go to useless ones.

I thought that readers of this blog might sometimes be in similar situations, and thought I’d share a short “The Best…” list of sites that work well in those cases.

Except in a couple of cases, I”m just going to list the site and not give any explanation — they’re all pretty similar — they have a variety of learning games in a variety of subjects and offer very, very few, if any, useless ones.

Here are my choices for The Best Collections of Online Educational Games:

BBC Bitesize Games; Bitesize 2

Nobel Prize Educational Games

Primary Games Arena has an impressive group of learning games.

Games for Change has a collection of “serious games.”


Canadian secondary Social Studies teacher Mike Farley has gone far beyond my sharing of games. He writes a blog where he lists the links to fifteen excellent Social Studies-related games. That’s nice, but you can find those links in my “The Best…” lists. But what Mike also shares in his blog are student hand-outs for all those games. I don’t think you’ll find these kinds of resources anywhere else on the Web, and they’re a gold mine! Even if you don’t want to use some of them, they are excellent models that can be easily modified.

British Council Games is a second Council game site.

Games To Learn English is a nice collection of online games.

Interactive Sites For Education


BBC Skillwise Games Collection, the popular site that collects interactives from museums throughout the United Kingdom, has just unveiled a brand-new (and sorely needed) redesign.

National Geographic has a nice collection of education games.

Brainpop has pulled together a nice collection of online games.

Smithsonian Science has put all their games in one place.

Suggestions and feedback, as always, are welcome.

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Hi Larry,

    Thanks for the list and also mentioning for teachers that “many” sites have a lot of time wasters for students.

    I spent days and days (like you) scouring for the best. Based on;

    ability to present to a whole class, educational value, stimulation, creativity and engagement, functionality.

    I put them all on a Learning Arcade on EFL Classroom. Also on our GAMES page. Just click under the PLAY tab. Some wonderful games there – I love the Spiderman game!
    One nice thing is a teacher can make one generic id/pw and the whole class at once can use it, on our network.



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  5. Larry,
    Love your blog and lists of great websites! Just was on Play Kids Games website and an add pops up that is difficult to get rid of. The add is not appropriate for school kids to view. Just a heads up. Got to hate adds that are not appropriate for kids on kids sites.

  6. Hi Larry, I think you may of overlooked Primary Games Arena?

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  8. Thanks for putting this up. Will definitely be popping back from time to time.

  9. Hi! This is a nice list, I’ll use it for my kids! I’m a programmer on a small team in Costa Rica that has been working on an online educational game that just released – and I wanted to mention it if that’s ok!

    Please see the game here:

    This game teaches kids (grades 2-6, depending on reading level) about the tropical rainforest, ecosystem, wildlife, and conservation in a really fun way! We’ve worked hard to blend education with fun, so parents, teacher, and kids will all be happy! Also, parents/teachers can create alliances, and monitor the child’s progress, and see their grade point average in the “Teacher’s Lounge” (

    The entire game was developed right here in the tropical rainforest and a percentage of the profits are given back to local schools and environmental organizations!


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    Daniele Fornaciari

  11. Larry,
    Love your blog and lists of great websites! Just was on Play Kids Games website and an add pops up that is difficult to get rid of. The add is not appropriate for school kids to view. Just a heads up. Got to hate adds that are not appropriate for kids on kids sites.

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