Here are my picks for The Best Sites To Learn About The U.S. Supreme Court (and are accessible to English Language Learners):

EL Civics has a good introduction to the Supreme Court that’s specifically designed for ELL’s.

Here’s another short description of the responsibilities of the Court.

Here’s a New York Times slideshow on Sotomayor.

The New York Times also has a video of the President’s announcement and Sotomayor’s comments.

CBS News also has a slideshow on Sotomayor.

TIME Magazine has a slideshow on her, too.

National Public Radio another slideshow on Sotomayor.

Courts In The Classroom is an animated and interactive look at the United States legal system.

How Stuff Works has short videos about the Supreme Court.

Milestones: Sonia Sotomayor
is an interactive feature from The New York Times.

Before Judge Sotomayor, There Was Sonia is another interactive from The New York Times.

PBS has a series of Court-related games, though they might only be accessible to advanced ELL’s.

There are several interactive timelines about the Supreme Court that would probably only be accessible to high-Intermediate or Advanced ELL’s:

CBS News Supreme Court Timeline

PBS Court Timeline

You can also take a panoramic tour of the Supreme Court here.

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is a TIME Magazine slideshow about the retiring justice.

Stevens Leaving Court After 34 Years is a similar slideshow from The New York Times.

The New York Times has an interactive timeline of Elena Kagan’s life. She is going to be President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court.

10 Ways to Study the U.S. Supreme Court With The New York Times is from The New York Times Learning Network..

Who Is Elena Kagan? is a TIME magazine slideshow.

GOOD Magazine has published a fascinating infographic on U.S.Supreme Court confirmation hearings (and the word “fascinating” is not one used to typically describe those events) titled Supreme Questions. Here is how they describe it:

After an extensive confirmation hearing, the Senate will vote on Elena Kagan’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court this week. But what, exactly, did they talk about? A new study has looked at the questions asked to each potential justice since 1939. Mostly, they talk about inconsquential matters, but examining the questions asked over the last 70 years gives insight into the issues that have faced our country and the court.

The New York Times has published an interactive quiz with six questions. It will show if you have a liberal or conservative position on six issues; what the majority of Americans believe on the issue, and how the Supreme Court has ruled on it.

15 Supreme Court cases that changed America is a CNN slideshow.


Ways to Study the U.S. Supreme Court With The New York Times is from The New York Times Learning Network.

Lesson Idea: Interactive Supreme Court Timeline Case Study is from C-Span.

Everything you need to know about appointing a Supreme Court justice is a Washington Post interactive.

TED-Ed has just released a lesson and video on How do US Supreme Court justices get appointed?

Failed Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland Is Joining This Select Club

Trump’s Supreme Court Pick: How Does a Nominee Get Confirmed? is from NBC News.

How Trump’s Nominee Will Alter The Supreme Court is from Five Thirty Eight.

Meet Judge Neil Gorsuch — a front-runner for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is from The Business Insider.

Neil Gorsuch is President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is from CBS News.

The path ahead for Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is from The Washington Post.

Evaluating Trump’s Nomination of Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court: A Lesson Plan is from The New York Times Learning Network.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s Stanford Speech Is Filled With Useful Quotes For Students

Quote Of The Day: Justice Sonia Sotomayor On Reading Books & Education

Born inside Beltway, Kavanaugh part of GOP legal elite is from The Associated Press.

A more conservative Supreme Court could step, not lurch, to the right is from The Washington Post.




I have lots of resources related to Kavanaugh at The Best Resources For Teaching About Sexual Harassment.


Video: Great Interview With Sonia Sotomayor On The Daily Show

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