I’ve been sending out a monthly email newsletter to people for a few years — it’s primarily for those who don’t want to received daily updates and just want highlights from my blog posts.

However, now, with hundreds of subscribers, it’s gotten too big and some email services are identifying my email address as a spammer. I guess that’s a common problem for people who try to do something like this, and is one reason why there are a number of services that will handle the distribution of newsletters for you (several also provide nice templates for lay-out as well).

However, I’m not sure which one is best, and thought I’d “put it out there” and see if anybody has had much experience with any of them.

Here are the ones I’m aware of — let me know which you’d recommend, or if you know of others:

Feedblitz, which handles email subscriptions to this blog.


Mashable has a lengthy list of other email newsletter applications.

Let me know what you think!