Ask 500 People is a new poll/survey application that, it seems to me, has some potential.

After you sign-up, it’s extremely easy to set-up a one question poll. Other tools on The Best Sites For Creating Online Polls & Surveys list are actually just as easy. However, “Ask 500 People” is easy and offers a wide variety of ways to set-up your poll — far more than some of the ones on that list. You can use pictures and have different kinds of responses (A or B, different ranges of agree/disagree, etc.). You can also embed your poll, and comments can be left on it. Comments aren’t moderated, but I didn’t see anything inappropriate, and I also didn’t see any inappropriate poll questions on the site either.  Of course, I also only spent a few minutes looking around.

It has a number of other bells and whistles that are worth considering.  I’m tentatively adding it to “The Best…” list.