“The Best…” list is going to be an expanding one.

These are the ESL/EFL blogs that I subscribe to now, but I’m sure there are many more out there that I just don’t know about…

I hope you’ll contribute their url addresses in the comments section! The criteria I used included that they are updated regularly (more-or-less), their focus is ESL/EFL, and that they provide information that I’ve found useful in my teaching.

Here are my picks for The Best ESL/EFL Blogs (not in any order):

David Deubelbeiss

ELL Classroom

Learning the Language

Adult Education and Technology

Life Is A Feast

Learning Technology Blog

Nik’s Daily English Activities

Nik’s Quick Shout Technology News

Burcu Akyol’s EFL Blog

Jamie Keddie

Kalinago English

Six Things


Carl Dowse

Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals

Seth Dickens

Carla Arena

Think And Dream In English

Teacher Boot Camp

Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog

The English Blog

English Raven

Marmara Elt/EFL Resources


My Life Untranslated: Adventures of a New ESL Teacher in New York City

I’ve written a lot about how I use online video games with my English Language Learner students. I was originally inspired along line by Graham Stanley and Kyle Mawer. They’ve just begun a blog on topic called Digital Play.

Marisa Constantinides – TEFL Matters

French Frog’s Little English Pond

Ken Wilson’s Blog

Teaching Village

Who else should be on list? Please keep in mind the criteria I’ve used — they’re updated more-or-less regularly, their focus is on ESL/EFL, and that they’ve provided information that has been useful in your teaching.

Sean Banville, the man behind a zillion sites used by ESL teachers around the world everyday, has compiled a very big list of ESL blogs — and it’s growing. If the ones I have listed here aren’t enough for you, definitely go and check out his webpage. And, if you have an ESL blog and it’s not there, let him know.

David Deubelbeiss has put together a great tool that allows you to explore 130 different ESL/EFL blogs. It’s called the ELT Blog Generator. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to embed here, but you can go to the link and have some fun.

“One Stop Blogs” is a project of Macmillan Publishers that brings together the feeds of ESL/EFL blogs (and others that are not specifically ESL/EFL but could still be of interest).

Teaching English at The British Council has greatly expanded the number of bloggers who are writing monthly posts on different topics. You can find them all here. I’ll also be writing there, and you can find my posts here.

Poplingual has an attractive listing of popular ESL/EFL blogs and their recent posts. I learned about it from Eric Roth.

If you found post useful, you might want to look at previous “The Best…” lists and also consider subscribing to blog for free.