I couldn’t quite bring myself to create a “The Best…” list related to Michael Jackson’s death and, in fact, I hadn’t planned on writing any kind of post on the topic.

However, The New York Times just came out with a couple of interactive features that would be accessible to English Language Learners, so I thought I’d quickly put together a few quick links that might be useful in the classroom if students are familiar with Jackson.

The New York Times has one feature called Michael Jackson’s Legacy: Readers React. Readers can easily share their reaction to his death, and it shows-up on a map of the world.

The Times has another feature where users can vote on their favorite album. You can listen to a short excerpt from each one, too.

The Denver Post has posted The Life and Career of Michael Jackson in Photos.

The Sacramento Bee shares a collection of images titled World reaction to Michael Jackson’s sudden death.

The Many Faces Of Michael Jackson is from The Associated Press.

The Passing of a Pop Icon is an online video from The New York Times.

Michael Jackson Dies Aged 50 is a new lesson from Breaking News English that includes audio support for the text.

This may be hard to integrate into English language-teaching, but it’s sure a lot of fun.

Eternal Moonwalk is a Michael Jackson tribute site where people upload short videos of them doing a moonwalk…that connects to all the other moonwalks people have uploaded. It’s almost impossible to stop watching.

You could certainly have students use English to plan their dance and then describe it. I know it’s a stretch but, as I said earlier, it’s so much fun!