My summer school Beginning English Language Learners have been working together in pairs to create some VoiceThreads. You can see them at the Student Showcase blog.

They’re simple introductions explaining what they like to do for fun, the food they like to eat, their ethnic background, their favorite book, and their future goals. They used images they took with our digital cameras as well as photos off the Web. The whole process probably took a total of three hours between registering at VoiceThread, creating a storyboard, uploading images, and recording the narrative. It probably would have taken less time if we didn’t regularly have technical problems with some of our computers not recording.

Feel free to leave comments on them if you’d like (you have to be registered at VoiceThread to do so). I think you can see why VoiceThread is number one on two of my “The Best…” lists:

The Best Sites To Practice Speaking English

The Best Web 2.0 Applications for ESL/EFL Learners — 2007

Students will next be writing a fable that they will demonstrate in a VoiceThread.

After next week, I’ll be adding some of these VoiceThreads to The Best Online Examples of My Students’ Work.