Idioms and slang are tricky, but important,  parts of any language.  I’ve found that students really enjoy learning them — especially if the teaching is done in a fun way.  There are certainly lots of enjoyable classroom lessons that can be done on this topic, and there are several good websites that students can use for reinforcement, too.

So, here’s another (short) “The Best…” list

My choices for The Best Sites To Help ELL’s Learn Idioms & Slang include:

The Slang Game teaches English…slang and idioms.

Here’s a game to test your knowledge of English animal idioms.

Try The Great Walk game from English Portal Games.

Eye On Idioms is an activity from Read Write Think.

The Idiom Connection has written explanations of many idioms (though they’re not presented in the most accessible way). However, they do have a lot of good quizzes.

The Idiom Jungle

English Expressions

More Idioms

Idioms 4 You provides explanations of numerous English idioms. It provides them in various scenarios — all with audio support. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide any visual clues, but I’m still adding it to this list.

ELT Pics is on The Best Online Sources For Images list already. I just discovered they have a great set of images related to Idioms.

Wonderful Video (& How To Use It In Class): “Confessions Of An Idiom”

Confessions of an Idiom from Amanda Koh on Vimeo.

Suggestions and feedback, as always, are welcome.

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