Readers of this blog know I have a particular interest in broader “school reform” issues. Similar to my “The Best ESL/EFL Blogs list, I thought people might be interested in my choices for what I consider to be “The Best (& Most Thoughtful) Blogs On Big “Picture” Education Issues.”

My criteria include:

* They provide thoughtful analysis and commentary, and are not dogmatic.

* They post relatively regularly.

* Their posts include information that I find useful in my own teaching.

I don’t have that much time right now, so I’m just going to list them and not include a description. Since it’s such a short list, it won’t take you much time to check them out:

Public School Insights

Inside School Research

The Education Policy Blog

The Tempered Radical

Bridging Differences

Living In Dialogue

The English Teacher’s Companion

The Core Knowledge Blog

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

Teacher In A Strange Land


In addition to The Tempered Radical, which is on the list already, you can read three other exceptional blogs hosted by the Teacher Leaders Network on their Featured Blogs page (I’m a TLN member, but didn’t know about their (our?) featured bloggers page until Claus von Zastrow pointed it out).

Advancing The Teaching Profession

The Answer Sheet

School Finance 101

Thoughts On Education Policy

This Week In Education

The Shanker Blog

Who else do you think should be on this list?

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