Newsy is a site that — in short videos — compares how major news events are covered by media throughout the world.

I’m adding it to The Best Tools To Help Develop Global Media Literacy list.  In some ways, it’s similar to Link TV, which is also on the list.  Newsy, though, isn’t quite as interactive, though you can leave comments if you’re registered.  For that reason, I’m also adding it to The Best Places Where Students Can Write For An “Authentic Audience”.

The speaking is pretty fast and relatively high-level, so it’s probably only accessible to advanced English Language Learners.  It does provide a transcript to the audio, but it’s not actually closed-captioned.  That doesn’t make it particularly useful to ELL’s.

It’s a well done site.  I’m probably going to be using it more with my International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge class than with my English Language Learners.