As regular readers know,  I constantly have my students interact with text in many ways both in the classroom and in the computer lab.  In the classroom, Post Its are my favorite tool of choice if students are reading something they can’t actually write on.

For use with the computer, I have one of my favorite “The Best…” lists — The Best Applications For Annotating Websites. You can read more how I use these tools at that link

I’ve recently added some to that list, so I’m not quite sure which one I’ll have students use next year. And now, there’s one more I like.

It’s called Rooh It!.

Since the Make Use of blog has written a good post describing it, I’m going to encourage you to read their explanation.

I’d like to highlight a couple of great features, though. One, you don’t have to register for it. And, two, all you have to do is put “” before any web URL address and you can start highlighting and leaving notes about it.

The only negative I see is that it looks a little “busy” — English Language Learners could be a bit confused by all the initial options and text. But a short teacher explanation should take care of that.