I’ve posted about the web tool highlighted in this post before, but thought I’d write about it again in the context of my “most popular” series.

As I’ve explained in earlier pieces, I periodically post “most popular” lists of websites that I think educators might find useful. Of course, there are a number of ways to gauge “popularity.” I just view these lists as opportunities to check-out some new sites, and find it interesting to see which ones might be particularly “popular.”

Today, I’d like to share a way to find the most “popular” ESL/EFL Sites around the world.

WebListy is a unique search engine. To quote The Make Use Of blog, “Weblisty lets you view the top… most trafficked websites in different countries for any topic.”

You type in your query, select the country, and click search.  The results include a screenshot as well as a text description.

I found it interesting to type in “ESL,” “EFL,” or “learn English” for various countries and see what came up.

You could certainly use it for other topics, too.