Readers might remember that English Raven is on The Best Resource Sites For ESL/EFL Teachers.  In fact, I’ve probably used more resources and ideas from that site than from any other individual site (or book) that I’ve visited or read.

English Raven has just gotten even better with a new feature called World News For Kids. Several stories with images and accessible audio are shown each week, and students can participate in an audio forum, too. All that is free. If you are an English Raven member (and it’s one of only a very few sites on The Best Educational Web Resources Worth Paying For… list — it only costs $20 per year, but also has a ton of materials that are available without paying), additional great materials are provided.  In fact, I’m adding World News For Kids to The Best news/current events websites for English Language Learners.

I also just learned that Jason Renshaw, the force behind English Raven, also has a blog. It, too, is called English Raven. I’m adding that to The Best ESL/EFL Blogs.

And, speaking of Jason’s blog, I learned about another great resource that he shared there.  It’s created by an English teacher in Japan, and is called My English Images. It’s filled with neat stuff to help ESL/EFL teachers, including his original illustrations.  I’m adding that site to The Best Sites For Free ESL/EFL Hand-Outs & Worksheets.