Learning how to tell time in English is a task every English Language Learner needs too accomplish.  I thought a “The Best…” list for that topic might be appropriate.

Most of the sites here include audio in their activities, since that feature is critical in order to maximize language-development.

You can find the sites on this list, and many more, on my website under Telling Time.

Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Learning How To Tell Time (not in order of preference):

Oxford University Press has a fun little game where players hear the time and have to click on which “box” holds the time they just heard.

The British Council, as usual, has come-up with a fun time-telling game.

Ma Hubbard’s Create-A-Reader has a graduated series of exercises to help teach time.

Tell Time

What Time Is It?


Learn Alberta has a very unusual interactive about time.

In case these aren’t enough for you, here are three collections of multiple interactives related to telling time:

Telling Time

Telling Time

Time, Daily Routines Expressions, ESL Grammar Sentence Activity

British Council Time


Video: My Beginning ELL Students Learning To Tell Time In English

Video: ELLs Learning To Tell Time In English

This Teaching Clock could be helpful to educators teaching about time.

How to Teach Telling Time in English is from enGames.

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